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This is official fanservice.

Official fanservice.


… or am I already lost.


happy birthday to the most precious angel!! °˖✧°˖◝(ᵔ ᴗ ᵔ)◜˖°✧˖°


I wanted to draw a running nose.


Kestrel is a small falcon known for its hovering flight. They also have the extraordinary ability to keep their head totally still, even in strong winds. This allows them to pinpoint and catch small mammals by sight alone.

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"It’s not fat, it’s fur!"


rin takes “i’ll show you a sight you’ve never seen before” to another level

KHR! Flame Rumble
 Vongola Guardians
(sprite credit)


pfff what a loser


made some more ZNT fanart, help i’ve fallen, nine is too hot