STATUS: in Tokyo on holiday from 15-22 April. may blog a little with hotel wifi. otherwise queue will be running from GMT+8 9am-8pm. :D

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How was Tokyo?

Tokyo was awesome!

Since your question is kind of ambiguous, I’ll just list a summary of what I’ve done then since it does answer it somehow…

Day 1: Reached Sunshine City Prince Hotel in Ikebukuro at 6pm. Shopped a little before bedtime.

Day 2: Went to Shinjuku Gyoen to catch some late sakura bloom. The branches reach to eye level so it’s great for photography. Also went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building’s observatory and some shopping in Shinjuku.

Day 3: Disneysea. The shows were brilliant and so were the rides. I especially liked the Venice area and the gondola ride. My mum who went to real life Venice said that it’s almost as if she was back there whoa.

Day 4: Shopping at Animate and went to J-world. I even wrote a short fan letter to Furudate-sensei due to the Haikyuu!! exhibition. The various Jump manga areas were so amazing, especially the 1/1 Naruto figures…

Day 5: Tokyo tour at Asakusa Temple, Ginza before heading to Hakone with hot springs at night.

Day 6:  Mount Fuji Peace Park and  museum/exhibition thing. Too bad it was raining and cloudy so I couldn’t see the mountain itself. But I did see it from the plane. Back in Ikebukuro in the evening, so I bought a lot more animanga merch at Otome Road.

Day 7: Last minute shopping in which I bought a backpack and Alice In Wonderland print shoes before going back to Singapore.

due to my karneval giveaway, my follower count increased by 15 in a day what

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New Trailer For Next “Ace Attorney” Game

As reported yesterday, the next game in the Ace Attorney series is taking an unexpected trip back in time. The trailer for the game has just been released and introduces us to two of the main characters. Fans should probably hear more at E3 in June, although don’t be surprised if the game goes dormant until Tokyo Game Show in September.



finally grew some hair and reuploaded this as a photo! (x)

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Pandora Hearts Vol.22


do you ever just sit around and think I’m in my twenties.